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Radish Root Ferment – Leuconostoc

Apr 3, 2020 | preservation, skincare

We often get asked how it’s possible to keep our products fresh without any chemical preservatives…

The answer is Radish Root Ferment!

natural lab

So what is radish root ferment exactly?

A company called Active Micro Technology reasoned that beauty product consumers are turned off by parabens, phenoxyethanol and other potentially harmful preservatives and that fermented vegetables could provide an alternative.

They added leuconostoc (the same bacteria used in kimchi) to radish roots and left it to ferment. The next job was to isolate the peptide with the antimicrobial activity.

The resulting ingredient, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, seems to do a good job at 0.5% — 2% concentration against a whole range of tiny nasties. From e.coli to a.niger and it is recommended that it can be used as the sole preservative in a cosmetic.

radish root ferment filtrate

Leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate crops up in a couple of mainstream beauty products such as Peter Thomas Roth Lashes, To Die For and Elizabeth Arden — Prevage. Many smaller organics companies are also following this new preservation. Hence our interest in including it in Beachouse Organics products.

Parabens & Phenoxyethanols (used as preservatives in most skincare) are relatively “safe” (the jury is still out long term, and many scientists disagree). Regardless, they still make their way and are found in our waterways and consequently in our oceans and seafood sources.

Other natural preservatives.

Naturally occurring peptides like Rosemary Oleoresins are safe but not a long-lasting preservation ingredient.

Grapeseed Oil is also natural, but its processing is a problem! It affects the organics ingredients negatively and consequently negates some of the actives in organic skincare. Producing a less than satisfactory result. Possibly even toxicity no organic skincare manufacturer wants to be associated with.

natural beauty

“We sell natural skincare, why would we want to use chemical preservatives when there is other equally great natural preservatives out there?”

You can be sure that you are getting 100% natural products when you buy any of Beachouse Organics products…


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