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I just love this product! I have been using it for a while now and my skin is now glowing. Before the serum my skin was dull and dry. It has given me much more confidence to go without makeup now.

Maxine,. Beachouse customer

This body creme is the best I have ever used. Non greasy, my skin is totally absorbed by its nourishment making it look fresh. The smell is amazing also, so good I had a dream of dipping strawberries in it 🙂 Visitors always grab for this bottle when they come to my house so they can be immersed in it.

Bec., Beachouse customer

The scent of these products is delicious .  The moisturiser just feels great on your skin.  The products arrived beautifully packaged.  I am really enjoying using this range.

Katrina,. Beachouse customer

Liquid gold! Loving this range of organic skincare Beachouse Organics especially the serum. I’ve used it everyday since I left for a work trip in the US, UK and Ireland and my skin feels wonderful even in sub zero temperatures. The texture of my skin is so much smoother and I don’t have the need to use other creams at night. Fabulous!

Georgina S., Beachouse customer