Behind The Brand

Hi, I’m Emilia!

I’m the owner and operator of Beachouse Organics and as a small business owner I pretty much do it all!

I’m the one putting labels on the bottles, packing your orders and answering your emails. I designed my website and I do the marketing as well.

It’s me you speak to when you’re interacting with Beachouse on socials and I’m incredibly honoured and humbled to serve you my beautiful customers.

I’m also a mum to Zoe and so you can imagine life gets pretty busy sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way… or actually, the dream is to have an employee to help with all of the above. But for now, it’s me!

The only thing I don’t do is make the products themselves. I leave this to the professionals so that you get the best skincare possible.

Meet Janie below, Beachouse’s skincare formulator and chemist. My mentor and inspiration to living a toxic free and healthy life.

Hi, I’m Janie!

My journey was always about creating a healthy happy toxic-free lifestyle utilising nature’s bounty in all things, especially skincare.

Early on in life in my Grandmothers kitchen was where I initially learned the art of natural healing and sparked a lifelong passion for natural remedies.

I’ve always believed that knowledge is power and I’ve continuously educated myself throughout my life.

My formal modalities include:

  • Ph.D. Chemistry
  • Dr of Naturopathy
  • Aromatherapist
  • Bio Chemist
  • Alchemist

Combining my entrepreneurial nature with my lifelong studies in research and development, environment, health,  eastern philosophy, herbalism, and alternative medicine.

In 1985 I was the founding Naturopath of QLD Eczema & Dermatitis Foundation. I worked on the first formula for an aromatherapy natural skincare remedy, for all those whose skin reacted to mainstream products of that era.

This was the beginning of what eventually became Air Spa Certified Organic Skin Care in the 1990s. For many years we supplied private label products to many Spas and retreats around the world including the Shangri La in London, Paris, Maldives, and Abu Dhabi to mention a few.

In 2001 – 2005 Air Spa also had its own spa “Air Spa Day Retreat” in Byron Bay. Boosting 137 of our own formulas and products.

Air Spa sadly ceased in 2014 after a tragic accident involving a family member.

My ongoing vision has always been and still is to provide cutting-edge products, with natural skincare,  transforming results to achieve long-term benefits for all skin types.

Scientific & technological breakthroughs in ‘ actives ‘have me vigilantly researching & developing increasingly efficient unique formulas.

In 2018 I curated Beachouse Organics range and I continue to be Beachouse formulator and chemist bringing new exciting formulas to the brand.

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